Architects Award

The Architects Award

16 January 2018

Download the current awards here, and understand your obligations under the Architects Award and how the ACA can help.

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Specialist advice

Advice for members

30 January 2014

The ACA assists members with formal and informal advice in a range of areas relating to the business of architecture.

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Join the ACA

Join the ACA

8 June 2014

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A Reminder About Unpaid 'Interns'

A Reminder About Unpaid 'Interns'

22 April 2014

The ACA is concerned to note that some architectural practices are advertising unpaid ‘internship’ positions that appear to be unlawful.

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Architects Award FAQ

Architects Award: FAQ

19 March 2017

The Architects Award sets the minimum standards and wages for the employment of architects, architectural graduates and architecture students. FAQs to help you meet your obligations. 

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Know your employment contract

Know Your Employment Contract

25 October 2016

Michael Corrigan reminds practices of key considerations. 

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Performance reviews

9 September 2013

How do you make performance reviews productive for both the business and the employee?

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Employee or Contractor?

Employee or Contractor?

12 November 2017

Do you understand the difference between an employee and an independent contractor, and what it means for your practice?

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Award pay rates 2017

Federal Industrial Awards Pay Rates from 1 July 2017

7 June 2017

Updated Federal Industrial Awards pay rates for awards relevant to employees working in architectural practices.

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Vehicle allowance

Vehicle allowance

4 November 2015

A brief update on the vehicle allowance in the Architects Award.

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Paid Parental Leave

16 February 2017

Do you have systems in place for Paid Parental Leave? We provide an overview of your obligations.

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Internships legal advice

Internships - Legal Advice

12 January 2014

An employer’s legal obligations, rights and responsibilities in relation to students, work experience participants and volunteers.

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10 September 2012

When does redundancy occur and what are your obligations as an employer?

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Employee / Contractor Decision Tool

The ATO has a simple online tool to help you find out whether your worker is an employee or contractor for tax and super purposes. 


Students and Graduates of Architecture

30 August 2016

Provisions for students and graduates of architecture in the Architects Award and applicable pay rates.

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Fair Work Information Statement

6 December 2013

Do you give all new employees the Fair Work Information Statement?

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Fair Work Changes

Fair Work Changes from January 2014

28 December 2013

Is your practice prepared for the changes to the Fair Work Act from 1 January 2014? 

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Federal Budget Internship program

Federal Budget New Internship Program

19 May 2016

The 2016 Federal Budget includes an internship program. Details are scant, but the ACA is keeping a watching brief on the initiative and what it means in relation to the Architects Award.

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Changing Employees' Hours of Work

11 October 2013

Managing reducing hours of work to ensure minimum stress and maximum benefit for all.

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Award Modernisation

Award Modernisation

5 December 2013

Simon Hanger outlines the ACA’s role in the Award Modernisation Process, which led to the Architects Award. 

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Which Award for Draughtspeople?

Draughting Employees - Which Award?

10 August 2017

Which Award are draughtspeople classified under? Michael Corrigan explains. 

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Fair Work Employer Checklist

2 February 2014

Do you understand all your obligations under the national workplace relations system? 

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