Unfair contract terms

Unfair Contracts Consultation Submission

28 July 2014

The ACA’s submission to the Treasury consultation on Extending Unfair Contract Term Protections To Small Businesses. 

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Do your contracts contain unfair terms?

Do Your Contracts Contain ‘Unfair Terms’?

16 February 2017

What will the new Unfair Contract Terms law mean for architects? Planned Cover and Jackson Macdonald take a look. 

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AS4122-2010 General Conditions of Contract

6 December 2013

The ACA recommends members use AS4122–2010, General Conditions of Contract for consultants.

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Unfair contracts

Unfair Contract Terms

10 May 2015

The Federal Treasury has committed to extending unfair contract protections to small businesses. Mario Dreosti provides an overview. 

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WA Government Contracts Update

WA Government Contracts

13 June 2013

An update on ACA – WA's ongoing advocacy for better conditions of engagement in government contracts.

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Construction contracts avoiding pitfalls

Construction contracts - avoiding the pitfalls

15 September 2017

Do your construction project contracts reflect your appetite for risk? Mark Glynn explores the issues.

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PI Insurance & AS 4122 - 2010

PI Insurance & AS 4122 - 2010

29 December 2013

Does signing the AS 4122 – 2010 General Conditions of Contract put your PI insurance at risk? The ACA – WA is working to rectify this. Richard Young, ACA – WA President, outlines the issues and progress thus far.

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Five tips for successful novation

Five Tips for Successful Novation

10 July 2017

For better or worse, it seems that novation is here to stay. So, how can consultants get the best outcomes on novated projects? Wendy Poulton of informed suggested five key factors that can lead to a better novation experience.

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Professional Services Subcontract

Professional Services Subcontract

10 February 2015

A new Professional Services Subcontract is available for members to use when a back-to-back agreement is required with the Lead Consultant.

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Conditions of Engagement in Western Australia

Conditions of Engagement in WA - An Update on Negotiations

11 September 2013

Richard Young reports on progress in addressing concerns about the Architectural Services Panel Conditions of Engagement.

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Insurance and risk

Professional Indemnity Insurance, Risk and AS 4122

28 March 2014

Jack Birrell on the things to consider when choosing your insurance provider.

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Lawyer, financiers, architects report

Lawyers, Financiers, Architects

13 May 2014

How can financiers, architects and lawyers find better and fairer ways of working together? Ian Hore reports on a recent ACA – SA round table discussion.

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Short form architect client agreement

Short Form Architect Client Agreement

23 May 2017

Just three pages and a cover letter, the ACA Short Form Architect Client Agreement is a fair and balanced model contract for use on small to medium sized projects.

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An Insurance Perspective

An Insurance Perspective on the Assumed Liability Exclusion in AS 4122-2010

3 December 2013

Damian Harrison comments on recent concerns about the ‘assumed liability’ exclusion in AS 4122–2010.

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PI Insurance

New Insurance Agreement re AS 4122

13 March 2014

A new agreement with Planned Cover means that architects insured with it after 17 March are automatically covered for the current version of AS 4122 – 2010.

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Who take the risk?

Who Takes the Risk?

4 April 2017

Wendy Poulton reflects on the changing landscape of risk in architectural practice, and offers a check list of ten things to look for in commercial consultancy agreements. 

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UNfair contracts

Unfair Contract Terms

30 May 2014

The Australian Government is investigating the use of unfair terms in contracts, with the intent of providing better proteaction for small business. Have your say in the consultation phase. 

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Update on the Review of AS 4000 - 1997

Australian Standards General Conditions of Contract Review

11 October 2013

David Slinn updates members on the Australian Standards General Conditions of Contract Review.

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