Safe Design in South Australia

26 February 2013

ACA Safe Design documents have been adapted for South Australia.

ACA – SA has adapted the ACA Safe Design document (developed by ACA – Vic) to South Australian conditions. This includes additional templates for risk registers based on the local regulations. We have also ensured that SafeWork SA and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) have been involved in the development of templates so that, as far as possible, there is a uniform approach to the provisions.  

The new documents formed the basis for a seminar on 27 September 2013 on the Safe Design provisions of the SA Work Health and Safety Act 2012, which is based on the national Model Code. This was presented jointly with the Australian Institute of Architects.

We believe clear and uniform guidelines and procedures are an advantage for architects in clearly defining our role in the safe design process, involving our clients and clarifying the responsibilities of builders, owners and operators of buildings. We hope to further develop the templates with feedback from users for more general release in the near future.

ACA Safe Design documents assist architects to meet their obligations under the work health and safety acts – as outlined by Anna Piatkowska.

ACA – SA would appreciate feedback on the WHS proforma checklists issued last year.

Please provide any suggestions for clarifications and improvements. Contact John Held with your suggestions by March 18.

ACA Safe Design documents are only available to ACA members and final versions will be available to be downloaded shortly.