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Architectural Uprising

The Architects Role, Fee-cutting and the Procurement Process

15 August 2019

On 29 August, the ACA – QLD/NT Committee will conduct an important forum covering the architects' role, skills and management, fragmentation of the procurement process and fee-cutting.

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Kerstin Thompson

SA Annual Business of Design Lunch

26 July 2019

Join the ACA – SA Committee on 27 August for their annual Business of Design presentation and lunch, with special guest speaker Kerstin Thompson.

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Birrelli art+design+architecture

2 August 2019

As Birrelli celebrates its 25th year in business, Launceston-based architect and former ACA State President Jack Birrell reflects on the challenges and joys of practice on a remote island.

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Social conscience presentation

The Social Conscience of Architecture

9 August 2019

The ACA – VIC/TAS Committee is delighted to announce a special free event on 27 August in Melbourne, which will explore the benefits of instigating a culture of social responsibility into architectural practice.

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CEO Update - August

CEO Update - August 2019

8 August 2019

Angelina Pillai reviews a very busy couple of months of advocacy and activity in the branches.

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HR 101

How to Hire, Fire & Manage Employees

7 August 2019

Recruiting the right people and then managing them well is essential to the success of your practice. Merilyn Speiser offers a guide to getting the HR fundamentals right.

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Architects declare

Architects Declare

30 July 2019

Hundreds of Australian architects have signed up to the Architects Declare movement, which aims to raise awareness of the climate crisis and the urgent need for action in the built environment.

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Aileen Sage

Aileen Sage Architects

7 August 2019

For Sydney-based Aileen Sage, early collaborations with artists, academics, innovators, larger architectural practices and other consultants have opened up a diversity of projects and opportunities.  

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Mental Wellbeing Toolkit

A Guide for Mental Wellbeing

29 July 2019

The Architects Mental Wellbeing Toolkit offers simple practical advice to individuals and practices on coping with the stresses of an increasingly pressured profession. 

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ACA – SA roundtable discussion

SA Small Business Roundtable

7 August 2019

The SA branch's latest roundtable covered the successes and pressures of running a small business. Mario Dreosti recaps the main points.

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Partnership protection insurance

Partnership Protection Insurance

27 July 2019

Do you have partners in your business? Have you got a safety net in place in case disaster strikes? Planned Cover’s Sherren Hepburn explores the benefits of partnership protection insurance.

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Slip resistance webinar

Slip Resistance Webinar

5 August 2019

Did you know that 1 in 10 PI claims brought against architects are because of a ‘slip and fall’? Informed by Planned Cover is offering ACA members a special discounted rate for a Slip Resistance webinar on 12 September.

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ACA Advocacy

ACA Response to BMF Decision

19 July 2019

The BMF announcement to adopt a consistent national approach to reform in the Australian construction industry is welcome news. 

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Victorian Cladding Taskforce

Victorian Government Leadership on Cladding

17 July 2019

The release of the Victorian Cladding Taskforce Final Report and associated program of work is welcomed by the ACA, but the Federal Government must also take action to ensure a unified national approach.

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Michael Hegarty thumb

Bring Back the Clerk of Works

17 January 2019

In the wake of the Opal Tower debacle, Michael Hegarty explores the role of the Clerk of Works, and the need to return this key project role to Australian construction sites.

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Industry call to action

Industry Groups Call for Australia-wide Action on Building Regulation

16 July 2019

Five industry groups have issued a call for co-ordinated, nation-wide action on building regulation. The ACA supports this call, and is part of it through membership of the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF).  

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ACA Business Toolbox

Joint Statement - Implementing the Building Confidence Report

21 June 2019

The government must act now to ensure the design and construction of safe, well-constructed buildings and to restore public trust in Australia’s built environment.

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Salary Calculator

ACA Salary Calculator

3 July 2019

The ACA Salary Calculator provides architectural practices with a clear methodology for determining the appropriate award-compliant salaries. Now updated to 2019–20 rates. 

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