2023 NSW/ACT Practice Management Prize

11 October 2023

The NSW/ACT Committee was proud to present three Architecture students from the University of Western Sydney with a prize for outstanding work in units related to Practice Management.

The winners of the ACA Undergraduate Award were Asal Fathi and Marianne Nicotera, who each received $1500. The winner of the ACA Postgraduate Award was Lucas Harb, who received $2000.

ACA NSW/ACT Committee Member, Harry Hamor described the importance of developing practical skills in business and people management: ‘the ACA supports students and graduates of architecture to better understand those aspects of practice that foster the successful management and integration of firms into the wider business community.’

It is uplifting to hear the positive impact that these awards have on the recipients. Asal wrote:

I have grown up in Western Sydney, both during my schooling years and my undergraduate years. Professionally, I strived for my life to be filled with peace, security in my studies and career choices.

I have always had great passion for the architectural world! Western Sydney University offered inclusivity and accessibility, which I have appreciated greatly. Receiving this prize means recognition of my hard work. I truly appreciated that my long hours and sleepless nights are being recognised. It is very encouraging to know that hard work is appreciated.

The ACA congratulates all three students and looks forward to the opportunity to support more architectural students in the future.