A Guide for Mental Wellbeing

3 August 2021

The Australian AMWF has adapted the Architects Mental Wellbeing Toolkit (UK), with local resources and simple practical advice to individuals and practices on coping with the stresses of an increasingly pressured profession. The Toolkit covers eight key themes, including Office Culture and Overtime, Support Systems and Staff Education, Technology, the Physical Office Environment and Promoting a Healthy Workplace.

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Architects Mental Wellbeing Toolkit – Australian version


The ACA is delighted to take the lead on the development of an Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum (AMWF) in Australia, which builds on the great work being done by AMWF in the UK.

Mental wellbeing in the architectural profession and its impact on running a business is more important than ever. Managing and directing an architecture practice is often gruelling, frustrating and relentless. Low fees, poor procurement practices, long hours and an undervaluing of architecture in the wider community are all longstanding challenges that can put enormous strain on a workplace culture.

Creating an environment that supports a healthy and vibrant workforce can be difficult, particularly in times like these, when COVID-related challenges such as remote working, isolation and health risks provide additional stresses for employers and employees. The ACA does not take these issues lightly. Mental wellbeing is a serious workplace issue, and we are committed to raising awareness, reducing stigma, sharing knowledge and experiences, and helping each other where we can.

We are delighted that we have been able to customise the UK Toolkit for Australian architectural practices, including useful tips, resources and advice on a range of workplace- related wellbeing priorities in a simple and easy-to-use format. The aim is to provide ideas, reminders and food for thought, as well as practical advice, solutions and links to a range of mental health resources and specialists. I encourage every practice to take time to go through this document, use it as a conversation piece with your team, or simply as an enabler to create a healthier, safer and more vibrant culture in your workplace.

Angelina Pillai, ACA CEO


This first edition of the Architects Mental Wellbeing Toolkit (Australia) is an edited version of the UK Toolkit, which was compiled by members of the Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum in the UK – a group that John Assael and Ben Channon set up in late 2017 with the ambition of improving mental health across the profession.

This toolkit includes content and resources specific to Australia. We would like to thank Ben Channon and the AMWF UK for their generosity in allowing us to tailor this Toolkit for the Australian profession. Thanks also to Artemis Nikolopoulou, who designed the UK Toolkit, and Siân Rearden for the illustrations.