A Year of Highlights for ACA - SA

John Held , 17 December 2017

This year has been a busy one for ACA – SA, with increased membership and plenty of new initiatives for research, advocacy and engagement.

After some tough times, it seems a majority of architects have been busier this year, and many 2017 graduates have already found work. While we welcomed some of the SA Government’s spending on construction, the procurement processes were not ideal, and the ACA and the Australian Institute of Architects worked together to voice our concerns on a number of procurement and contract matters.

In late November, we were pleased to co-host with the Institute (at very short notice) a review of a new format for school planning jointly developed by ACA, DECD and ODASA called the Learning Environment Opportunity Study (LEOS). The structure of the study was designed to get schools to look at their own learning environments and come up with strategies to improve them. This ranged from small, student-led projects to large redevelopments. More than 40 members heard Sarah Paddick from Totalspace Design, Sophie Newland from Flightpath and Simon Frost from Greenway Architects speak about their experiences with this format, which will be further refined and offered to more schools early in the new year.

The LEOS format is particularly relevant because the first stage of the new DECD Building Better Schools program will use a modified version of the LEOS study as its structure for the first phase.

Other highlights include:

  • Working with the AIA and Consult Australia on submissions for DPTI prequalification and contract changes for AS4122-2010;
  • Implementing a new type of Learning Environment Opportunity Study for DECD;
  • Meeting with the AIA on future collaboration;
  • Providing input into DECD STEM program, including a survey and legal advice on novation deeds;
  • Coordinating the Practice Administrators’ group, which met regularly during the year;
  • Coordinating the Keith Neighbour Study group for graduates;
  • Lunch discussion about Award changes with Michael Corrigan;
  • Discussions with the Minister for Small Business and departments regarding red tape, etc;
  • Issuing of guidelines for roof access;
  • Offering White card training courses; and
  • An increase in SA members of 40% over the last three years.

We wish you all a peaceful and safe Christmas, and all the best for the year ahead.

We thank the committee and, in particular, our Executive Officer Sascha Byrne, who has enthusiastically risen to every challenge. This year she has also gained a national role as National Projects and Membership Coordinator. Thanks Sascha!

President:  John Held

Vice-President: Mario Dreosti

Secretary: Graham Hardy

Treasurer: Ian Hore

Committee: Adrian Evans, David Kilpatrick, Thomas Masullo, Susan Phillips, John Schmidt, Simon Thomson, Richard Woods

Executive Officer: Sascha Byrne

John Held is President of ACA – SA and a dirctor of Russell & Yelland Architects.