ACA + AusSearch

5 November 2015

ACA is pleased to announce ‘AusSearch for ACA Members’, an online service that enables fast and efficient searching across multiple platforms for the documents you need for site analysis and property services.

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What is AusSearch?

AusSearch is an easy, fast online platform that allows you to search nationally for:

  • Titles and plans
  • Leases
  • Property reports
  • Due diligence checking

It includes an interactive data visualisation service that shows the connections and relationships between individuals and companies.

AusSearch provides an interactive workspace that simplifies search results at the click of a button, saving time and enabling you to communicate data in a simple format to your planning team and clients

What might you use AusSearch for?

  • Establish ownership from title deeds
  • Identify encumbrances – for example, easements, party wall agreements
  • Check mortgages, liens on title, overshadowing restrictions
  • Find site plot ratio negotiations used in the past
  • Get plans for setbacks from boundaries
  • Check if there are any pending litigations, their nature and parties involved
  • Check any preservation orders and their limitations
  • Obtain historical data on past usage and any decontamination needs
  • Conduct due diligence checks on companies and directors

Getting Started

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AusSearch will provide free ongoing telephone support and help whenever you need it.
Learn more about AusSearch

Watch the AusSearch three-minute video overview. You can also book a live online AusSearch demonstration – contact AusSearch to set up a time.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to join AusSearch – you pay for the services you need as you order them. (When you join you do need to sign terms and conditions to protect both parties.)