ACA Employment Agreement Templates

28 July 2020

The ACA Employment Agreement Templates are available for all members to download and use in their practice.

The Employment Agreement Templates focus on employment under the various national awards and are designed to supplement those documents. They should be read in conjunction with the particular award and the National Employment Standards. The Agreement templates are now national and not state based.

Agreement templates are available as an editable Word document, allowing the flexibility for each practice to modify them as they see fit. However, legal advice should be sought in relation to any modifications made to these documents.

There are Employment Agreement Templates under the following awards:

  • Architects Award
  • Clerks Award
  • Modern Manufacturing Award – Drafting Staff
  • Modern Miscellaneous Award – Interior Designers

Copies of these Awards are available here.

Employment Agreement Templates are an ACA member resource, and are only available to members. Members should log in to access the agreements below. Find out more about the benefits of ACA membership.

NOTE: Member Only Content

The Employment Agreement Templates are a project from the ACA Industrial Relations Committee. Originally chaired by Simon Hanger, the ACA IR Committee is now chaired by David Wagner.

This article was first published in 2014, updated on 30 August 2016 and again on 28 July 2020.