ACA Finance

Jack Birrell , 2 February 2014

Jack Birrell provides an update on ACA’s financial activities over 2013.

It has been rewarding working alongside Simon Hanger, ACA Treasurer, on all matters regarding accounts and finances. This year was our first with a new Strategic Plan. Finalised in November 2012, this is an exciting new vision defined by our core membership, a united collective of leaders and employers in the business of architecture, across Australia.

Over 2013 the ACA carried out the first round of key actions as identified in the Strategic Plan. In regard to the Strategic Plan’s ‘Business Model, Finance and Administration’ section, we have successfully undertaken the following key strategic initiatives:

National subscription system

We have developed a standardised national subscription fee model through the National Executive. This was a ‘global’ organisational undertaking, carried out by many members at both NEC and state branch levels. All representatives worked in unison with a clear mandate – it was a challenging and rewarding process that will result in improved, fair and equitable outcomes for the entire ACA membership.

The model was agreed across all branches. We are moving towards issuing subscription renewals under this new, nationally aligned system, and the process is strongly supported by all states and territories.

Consolidated accounting

We now have new consolidated accounting for all branches with independent review and audit processes. This is a relatively new requirement by Fair Work Australia (FWA). During 2013 FWA issued a considerable raft of amendments regarding accounting and auditing for all organisations. The ACA responded promptly throughout the year, maintaining FWA compliance for the entire organisation.

We are continuing to review ACA financial systems with the view to moving to centralised ‘cloud’-based IT accounting. This will streamline processes, making them more efficient for the group.


The NEC has successfully renewed its sponsorship from Cbus. The NEC is now targeting potential new corporate partners to increase income for our membership and allow us to continue to develop new initiatives and programs.

Wrapping up the year, we see many new challenges ahead. Knowing that we have strong support from our members and sound finances, we are confident these can be successfully tackled and that we can continue to improve the delivery of services as outlined in the Strategic Plan.

Jack Birrell is ACA – Tas representative and Assistant Treasurer.

This item was first published in ACA Communique, December 2013.