ACA National Salary Survey 2022 – We're Back!

7 February 2022 - Updated: 10 March 2022

We have now launched the ACA national Salary Survey for 2022! Check your inboxes and please participate in our survey, an invaluable way to contribute to the health of the profession.

Each year the ACA undertakes a national salary survey. It’s the only independent survey of the architectural profession not tied to recruiting firms or large business, and has sufficient detail to be useful when setting salary guidelines for your staff. Unfortunately, last year the pandemic disrupted our plans to roll it out, but the good news is it’s back this year.

Completing the ACA Salary Survey is an invaluable way to contribute to the health of the profession. The findings are an important base for ACA advocacy and assist us in building significant longitudinal knowledge and bringing that knowledge to the industry and government for better workplace conditions.

This data is now more important than ever as we emerge from the pandemic, with architects operating in a more competitive market for both labour and projects, so the better informed we are the better we are able to strategise and respond. It’s important that we get good responses from EVERY state and territory, so that you can make useful comparisons. We need a high participation rate to gather data that is statistically significant and to allow for valid benchmarking across all states and territories, practice sizes and types, so that all practices can benefit. A full report of the survey findings will be made available to members with a summary published on the ACA website – past survey results are available here.

Now is your chance to start preparing. All you need at hand are the remuneration details for all your staff including:

  • The average salary per role (eg. total remuneration / no. of staff in that role).
  • The lowest salary per role
  • The highest salary per role
  • The list of the benefits your firm offers staff

As part of simplifying the process of completing the survey, a Salary Survey Input spreadsheet has been created, which is a tool to help you gather your data before you begin. Get started now by completing the Input spreadsheet early. You may also find it to be a useful tool for your practice.

So, look out for the survey which will be hitting your inboxes very soon. Once launched we will be sending regular reminders (including reminders to check your Spam folders!).

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions section