ACA - NSW/ACT Update

18 March 2017

A series of roundtable discussions and the launch of two important business tools will be the focus of the ACA – NSW/ACT in coming months.

In 2017, ACA – NSW/ACT continues to build and strengthen the branch, with consistent growth in its membership numbers.

Branch planning a series of roundtable events through the year enables members to broaden the discussion on the current business of architecture issues in NSW/ACT and members’ needs. The first events will be held in Canberra on 17 March and Sydney on 27 March.

The roundtables will enable both new and older practitioners to share knowledge, experiences and ideas about the myriad issues that come with the challenge of operating and managing an architectural business.

Other upcoming events from the ACA – NSW/ACT branch include the launch of the ACA Short Form Client Architect Agreement on 22 May and the launch of the Salary Calculator. ACA – NSW/ACT will also host a presentation by Michael Corrigan, the ACA’s legal adviser, on the Architect’s Award and other legislative matters.

The Short Form Client Architect Agreement is a simple plain-English contract available to be used by members on smaller projects. It has been prepared specifically for the ACA by Christopher Larcos, Special Counsel at Moray and Agnew Lawyers and a former practising architect.

The Salary Calculator is the ACA’s latest tool to assist members to operate their business effectively, legally and ethically. The Calculator will provide members with a simple, clear methodology for determining the appropriate award-compliant salary for staff, taking into consideration variables such as non-standard hours, superannuation and award categories, as well as the requirements of the National Employment Standards (NES) and the latest version of the Architects Award. It will not only assist members with ensuring they are always operating legally and fairly but also will help the practice to develop properly informed plans for the future of their business.