ACA Pulse Check no. 6

18 July 2022

The ACA Pulse Check is back. The sixth survey in our longitudinal study will chart what has changed for architectural businesses, document the challenges and identify opportunities – all to support future planning and advocacy.

We are now well over two years into the pandemic. Architectural practice has undergone major shifts – the sudden move to online and remote working of 2020 has led to long-term change for some, while others have raced back to old ways of working as fast as possible. The architectural workforce is now very mobile, part of a broader employment reshuffle, while supply chain disruptions and contracts negotiated in a pre-pandemic world are the source of many challenges. There is also opportunity to be found in this new environment, even as many things remain in flux.

The ACA is keen to know how your practice is going. How has practice changed? What are the challenges? Where have you found opportunity? What do you need?


The survey will take approximately 20 minutes and closes COB Monday 1 August. We encourage all Australian practices – of every size, type and location – to take ACA Pulse Check no 6. The more responses we get, the more reliable the data and the more action and advocacy we can undertake.

Please answer once per practice, or one survey per state for multi-state offices.