ACA - QLD /NT June Update

9 June 2017

Recent activity from ACA – Qld/NT.

Architect’s Fees – getting paid for your true worth

On Friday 19 May, a panel of experienced architects, Catherine Baudet of Ferrier Baudet Architects, Paul Viney, of FPPV Architecture and Paul Trotter of Fulton Trotter, addressed issues around architect’s fees and how to educate ourselves and our clients to ensure we are appropriately compensated for our skills and time.

The panel discussed traditional methods of calculating fees, systems used for tracking and managing profitability, how you can determine your breakeven point, why it is important to track time, risks associated with using off-shore services, and alternative procurement methods that can have an impact on your fees and profit.

Paul Viney also gave a live demonstration of the ACA’s Time/Cost Calculator Guide.  If you would like your log in details, please contact Louise Street at

Welcome to New Members

The ACA Qld/NT Branch welcomes new members

  • Base Architecture
  • Bertoldi Architects
  • Cavallo Architects
  • CAYAS Architects
  • Ivan McDonald Architects
  • Nikolaou Associates
  • Paul Butterworth Architect

We look forward to your active involvement during the year.