ACA SA June Update

John Held , 9 June 2017

An update on activity from ACA – SA.

ACA Lunch 24 May

ACA-SA’s  first lunch for 2017 was held on 24 May with a visit to SA from the ACA’s industrial advisor, Michael Corrigan. As well as an update on changes to the Architect’s Award such as time off in lieu and notices for terminations, Michael fielded a number of questions from attendees on the use of contractors and when such arrangements had to consider the award rates of pay. We’ve asked Michael to write something for ACA on this issue, as it’s more complex than it first appears.

Defects on Government Projects

We understand DPTI have instituted new rules on maximum number of defects allowable at Practical Completion.  We would appreciate anyone who has had experience of the new rules getting in touch with John Held or Simon Thomson – it’s an issue we’d like to discuss with the MBA.

Small Business Issues

We are meeting soon with Rhonda Vincent, from the office of Small Business Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith. We’d like you to tell us what issues need to be brought to their attention – contact Mario Dreosti or John Held with your thoughts.

ACA SA Practice Managers Group

This group has been meeting for over two years now and is keen for new members to join. It’s an informal opportunity to discuss the issues around being an administrator in an architectural practice (which is not always easy!).  If your tasks include administration, accounts, practice management or the like, please join us!

Contact Sascha Byrne if you would like to join the group – or call on 0417 380 492