ACA Salary Calculator

3 July 2019

The ACA Salary Calculator provides architectural practices with a clear process to determine appropriate award-compliant salaries under the Architects Award.

The calculator assists members to ensure they are operating legally and fairly, and helps practices to develop properly informed plans for the future of their business.


The ACA Salary Calculator takes into consideration variables such as non-standard hours, superannuation and award categories, as well as the requirements of the National Employment Standards (NES) and the latest version of the Architects Award.

The calculator produces printable outputs suitable for use when employing new staff and for use at staff reviews. It is updated annually to address the outcomes of the national wage review by the Fair Work Commission as well as any changes to the award. The Salary Calculator uses the current 2020–21 award rates. 


The ACA Salary Calculator is a member resource. Members need to be logged in to be able to access it. If you are not a member, find out more about the benefits of ACA membership and join here.

Note: There may be a small variation between the salaries calculated through this tool and the Fair Work Pay and Conditions Tool. This is because the rounding process used in each tool is slightly different. However, the ACA Salary Calculator will always return award-compliant salaries.  

The ACA Salary Calculator has been developed with the support of NATSPEC.

The ACA acknowledges the work done by Mark Roberts in developing the idea for the Salary Calculator and his generosity in providing his IP to the ACA.