ACA - Vic/Tas President's Report, 2014

Simon Hanger , 8 July 2014

Simon Hanger, ACA – Vic/Tas President, outlines the branch’s achievements and activities over the past year, along with initiatives for the coming year.

Over the past year ACA – Victoria/Tasmania has continued to work with the ACA National Executive Committee to assist architects navigate their businesses through a difficult cycle.


ACA – Vic/Tas has represented members in trying to improve the profession’s position in the increasingly difficult challenges of obtaining work while, at the same time, maintaining fee levels. This advocacy work has included the following:

  • Discussion with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) has led to positive responses regarding fee scales.
  • Meetings I have attended with the Office of the Government Architect have explored opportunities for architects to find equitable reimbursement for the responsibilities they accept in carrying out commissions with more complex and onerous requirements.
  • Together with the Australian Institute of Architects I have attended a number of meetings with the Department of Transport Planning and Local Infrastructure to provide advice on issues relating to the integration of the Architects Registration Board of Victoria into the newly formed Victorian Building Authority.

New website

The launch of the website, led by ACA – Vic/Tas Committee member Richard Bryant, has been received most favourably, and I encourage all members to visit the website regularly. New articles are posted frequently, together with information relating to Industrial Relations matters including awards, salary levels and employment contracts.


Earlier this year more than 60 members and guests enjoyed an enlightening address by Charles Justin, former Director of SJB Architects. His reflections on starting a practice and his insights into maintaining and expanding a most successful enterprise were interesting and informative.  It was particularly relevant to the ACA’s commitment to “The Business of Architecture”.  It is our intention to present similar functions to members during the year.

Industrial Relations advice

In conjunction with Platinum Employer Relations we have continued to provide advice to members relating to Industrial Relations. This remains a key ingredient in our service to members as the ACA expands into other areas relating to the Business of Architecture.

ACA – Vic/Tas Committee

The Vic/Tas Committee has undergone some changes over the last 12 months with the retirement of John Castles (AO), Struan Gilfillan (OAM), and Jim Earle (AO). The contribution of these gentlemen to, not only ACA, but the architectural profession generally, has been outstanding.  It was such contribution by Struan that led to his receipt of the Medal of the Order of Australia in the recent Queen’s Birthday Honours.

We have been delighted to welcome Colin Wilson, a Director of Jackson Architecture to the committee, as well as existing committee member Stephen Cheney, from dwpsuters to the position of Vice-President. The experience and knowledge both gentlemen bring to the table can only benefit our members in advancing the Business of Architecture.

I would like to thank all members of the Vic/Tas Committee for their contribution during the year, and particularly Jack Birrell representing Tasmanian members and providing valuable assistance to me in my role as National Treasurer.

ACA – Vic/Tas is committed to providing members with the resources, information and advice that assists us all in advancing the Business of Architecture, and I would like to thank all members for their continued support of our organisation. I would welcome any suggestions or ideas you might have regarding our initiatives.

Simon Hanger, ACA – Vic/Tas President

Simon Hanger is ACA – Vic/Tas President, and chair of the ACA’s Industrial Committee.