All-Gender Bathrooms – Proposal for NCC Change

28 July 2023

The ACA is proud to support the proposal by Alison Cox from TAFE NSW to allow the provision of all-gender amenities as deemed to satisfy under the National Construction Code (NCC).

Under the current version of the NCC, toilets may only be provided that are designated female, male or unisex accessible (for the disabled). The advice received from the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and from Private Certifiers is that alternatives will not be accepted without a performance solution, or alternatively additional unisex accessible bathrooms may be provided. The latter equates gender expression as a disability, which is problematic.

Therefore, the only acknowledgement of discrimination in the NCC principles is disability and does not take into account other forms of diversity, such as gender, race and culture. By providing safe and equitable access to amenities, the proposal seeks to benefit a wide range of groups.

Alison’s proposal recommends that a percentage of the required amenities under the NCC be able to be provided as single amenity all-gender bathrooms alongside female and male bathrooms.

You can read Alison’s submission here.

We strongly encourage members to advocate through your individual practices for an equitable and inclusive solution to these amenities. Head to the ABCB website to make your own submission. Closing date for submissions is 1 August 2023.