AMWF – Support Systems & Education

22 May 2023 - Updated: 29 June 2023

Our fourth online wellbeing event in the AMWF Toolkit series features Thihoa Gill (Grimshaw), Simon Frost (Greenway Architects) and Rebecca Caldwell (Maytree Studios) in conversation on Wellbeing, Support Systems and Education.

This webinar was originally held 22 June 2023.


The more that a practice can do to help educate, support and empower people the better. The key is to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and improve communication and support systems around wellbeing. Employee Assistance Programs, Mental Health First Aid courses, regular one-on-one check-ins, team-building, mindfulness training and mental health champions within practice are some of the strategies being used to improve wellbeing and maintain healthy workplaces.

In this webinar, we are delighted to feature three terrific guest speakers from practices of different scales – Thihoa Gill from Grimshaw Architects, Rebecca Caldwell from Maytree Studios and Simon Frost from Greenway Architects – who share their experiences and strategies on wellbeing, support systems and education in practice. AMWF VIC/TAS facilitator Kirby Roper from Kirby Architects also shares information on the 2023 ACA Trial EAP service and ACA CEO Angelina Pillai facilitates the discussion.

See speaker bios and CPD information below.


The Australian version of the Architects Mental Wellbeing Toolkit is available for download. Section two of the AMWF Toolkit covers Support Systems & Education.


ACA Members – $10
​Parlour Collective Members – $10
Non-Members – $20

Any proceeds over and above the costs of delivering the AMWF Toolkit program will be set aside for future AMWF projects led by ACA.


Participation in this event will deliver 1 formal CPD point.

Learning outcomes: Participants gain insights into strategies for implementing support systems and training across small, medium and large practices based on practical advice and experience. Topics include mental health first aid courses, employee assistance programs, one-on-one catch-ups, establishing practice values and open-door policies.

Units of Competency and Performance Criteria: Practice Management and Professional Conduct – PC 1 and PC 2

APBSA Core Area: Practice Management

CPD questions are provided for completion after viewing the webinar in its entirety. Certificates will be provided following online submission of answers to questions provided.


Rebecca Caldwell

Rebecca Caldwell is a Director of Brisbane-based Maytree Studios, an employee-owned studio that combines ethics and social responsibility with the forward-thinking sensibilities of contemporary architecture. The driving idea behind the practice is that good architecture should be grounded in kindness. Rebecca is passionate to show that profitable business, good design and staff wellbeing are all achievable in small practice. As well as employee ownership, Maytree has a nine-day fortnight, policies on parental leave and overtime, and has engaged with the ACA’s EAP.

Thihoa Gill

Thihoa is an Associate and the Studio and HR Manager at Grimshaw Architects (Melbourne). She has had a long experience in architectural studio management, working closely with directors and employees of several practices to build a rewarding and responsive working environment. Her interest lies in working with others to implement changes in employee participation in workplace culture, and she is a strong advocate for an inclusive and diverse workplace. Thihoa has been a regular attendee and contributor to the Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum VIC/TAS.

Simon Frost

Simon is a Director of Greenway Architects. He is a passionate champion of mental health both personally and professionally, leading the Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum in South Australia and being an early participant of the St. Johns Mental Health First Aid Course offered through the ACA. He supports the education, support and empowerment of people and practice in mental health and wellbeing.

Kirby Roper

Kirby is the Director of Kirby Architects and an integral member of the ACA VIC/TAS Committee. Kirby believes that everyone should experience a sense of satisfaction at work, with care taken in our office environment and our interactions with others. With over 25 years of experience, she has a proven track record of applying these values to our built environment by creating spaces that respond to and support users.