Architects and Mechanical Contractors - What Do They Have in Common?

10 July 2017

What do architects and mechanical contractors have in common? A lot, it seems. Join ACA – SA at the next Round Table to find out more.

At a recent presentation by ACA – SA to the AMCA Board, we found that mechanical contractors were facing many of the same problems as architects – particularly issues with procurement and contracts. At the same time these contractors are bearing the brunt of changes in documentation standards, the introduction of BIM and the lack of coordination between trades.

This roundtable is an opportunity to honestly hear what’s happening at the coalface, to see what can be done to improve the industry and to get better value and more coordinated construction.

ACA Roundtables are an opportunity for industry leaders to discuss issues and hear different points of view. A special invitation is also extended to associates from your company.


4.30-6pm, Thursday 20 July 2017


JPE Design Studio
4/19 Gilles St. Adelaide


Sascha Byrne, or 0417 380 492