Architects Award Changes 2020

4 May 2020

The new Architects Award 2020 document came into effect on 4 May 2020. There are notable changes to six clauses. The ACA encourages all members to ensure they understand these changes and their obligations as employers in relation to them.

The ACA has been negotiating changes with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) in the 2014 and 2018 award reviews. The decisions of both these award reviews have now been determined and handed down by the Full Bench of the FWC.

The notable changes to six clauses of the Award are outlined below. (The majority of the other changes involve adjustments to clause numbers only.)

1. Bachelor’s Degree with a pathway to a Master of Architecture [Clause 2 – Definition]

This is a new classification titled Bachelor’s Degree with a pathway to a Master of Architecture. The definition of this classification is an employee who holds a design based Bachelor’s Degree which would allow them to apply for enrolment or be enrolled in an approved Master of Architecture program qualifying for admission to the Architectural Practice Examination (APE) for registration as an Architect under Australian legislation”.

This clause replaces the need to transfer an employee from a Student of Architecture to a Draftsperson (Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award) maintaining award continuity.

2. Student of Architecture [Clause 2 – Definition]

The words full time have been removed from the definition of Student of Architecture as students may now be enrolled part time. 

3. Change to the Competencies [Clause 13.3(d)]

This change is a modernised approach in line with the National Standard of Competency for Architects, which provides the framework for education and professional experience on the pathway to registration as an architect.

There are seven prescribed competencies in the Architects Award:

  1. Design: Project Briefing
  2. Design: Pre-Design
  3. Design: Conceptual Design
  4. Documentation: Detailed Design
  5. Documentation: Documentation
  6. Project Delivery: Procurement
  7. Project Delivery: Construction Stage

4. Student of Architecture rates [Clause 13.5(a)]

The Student of Architecture rates will now apply up to their third year of experience.

The previous Student of Architecture rates applied right up to their sixth year of experience and included the study of the Master of Architecture.

5. New pay scale [Clause 13.5(c)]

This change is the inclusion of a pay scale for the new classification of the Bachelor’s Degree with a pathway to a Master of Architecture and replaces the fourth, fifth and sixth year of experience in the student rates from the previous award.

These pay points are:

Service Percentage of Level 1—Entry rate
1st year of experience 85%
2nd year of experience 90%
3rd year of experience 95%

6. Equipment and Special Clothing

This clause has been modernised to reflect the changes in technology and provide a safety net for employees who require relevant technical equipment or special clothing.

What next?

Download the Architects Award – 2020.

This article was updated on 4 May with links to the new award.