NSW releases new simplified Housing Code

21 June 2017

The NSW Department of Planning and Envrionment has released a simplified Housing Code. 

Along with the new Housing Code, other minor changes to the State Policy for exempt and complying development (Codes SEPP), include minor amendments to granny flats and group homes. These changes aim to clarify definitions and further simplify these policies.

The changes start on Monday 17 July 2017. 

The new Housing Code allows one- and two-storey house, renovations and extensions to be carried out under a fast-track complying development approval. This can be issued in 20 days and the department says it will save homeowners up to $15,000 for their approval when building a new home.

The changes to the Code set out clear planning rules, including diagrams and tables.

Benefits of the new Code are described as:

  • clear and simple planning rules;
  • time and money savings for homeowners;
  • faster approvals for new homes and renovations;
  • more certainty for certifiers and councils when assessing proposals
  • reduced red tape.

More information is available on the NSW Planning and Environment website

New online lodgement service and decommissioning the Electronic Housing Code (EHC)

With the release of the simplified Housing Code, the Electronic Housing Code (EHC) will be decommissioned on 23 June 2017.

A new online lodgement service will be available through an enhanced NSW Planning Portal. This will standardise application processes across NSW. This will enable applicants to

  • find out what planning permissions are needed to build or renovate
  • submit and lodge a complying development or development application online
  • track the progress of an application.

For  more information about the decommissioning process and how to apply for a complying development certificate after 23 June 2017 see Decommissioning of Electronic Housing Code Frequently Asked Questions.