A New Deal for Urban Australia

9 December 2013

The Urban Coalition report argues that significant investment is needed in Australia’s cities. 

A New Deal for Urban Australia makes two key recommendations:

  • Unlock private sector dollars through a new Urban Infrastructure Fund.Establishing an Urban Infrastructure Fund to create, in partnership with the states and territories, a new urban infrastructure investment asset class; offering lower risk, attractive credit-enhanced returns appealing to both institutional and retail (mum and dad) investors: creating a new source of infrastructure funding.
  • A stronger role for Infrastructure Australia and a new Federal Minister and Department for Cities and Urban Development incorporating the Major Cities Unit. Strengthening and deepening the role of Infrastructure Australia and the Major Cities Unit; to help ensure that for every dollar invested by the government in infrastructure across portfolios and through our cities, the best possible return is achieved for tax-payers and investors.

These recommendations have been formally endorsed by the Australian Construction Industry Forum, to which the ACA has membership.


This item was first published in ACA Communique, September 2013.

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