ACA - SA November Update

6 November 2015

ACA – SA elections

ACA – SA elections are completed. Committee members are as follows: 

John Held 

Vice President
Mario Dreosti 

Graham Hardy 

Ian Hore 

Adrian Evans 
David Holland 
David Kilpatrick 
Thomas Masullo
Susan Phillips 
John Schmidt
Simon Thomson 
Richard Woods 

The ACA welcomes Mario Dreosti in his new role as Vice President, and thanks Simon Thomson for his work in that capacity over recent years. Welcome also to new committee member John Schmidt. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to commitee members who are continuing their work on behalf of the ACA. 

Unfair Contract Terms for Small Business

In July 2014 the ACA made a submission to the federal Treasury regarding proposed legislation to extend protection against unfair terms in standard contracts to small business and were invited to review the draft legislation for comment.

Since this submission, ACA – SA has liaised with the ACCC to provide examples of unfair terms encountered by architects in standard contracts of engagements. This includes terms related to matters such as retention of intellectual property rights, extent of warranties and responsibility for omissions and errors and limitations or otherwise to liability. 

DPTI Limitation of Liability

ACA – SA continues to engage with DPTI following the recent submission to the South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA) regarding appropriate limitations of liability for architectural services provision.

With recent changes to the structure of procurement through DPTI we have received informal advice that limitation of liability is something which should be able to be positively progressed.

State of the Profession Research

The profession-wide survey is being developed as part of this research project. This is almost finalised and will be released shortly.