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13 May 2014

ACA members are offered a 25% discount on subscriptions to the new ACIF Customised Forecasts Dashboard. 

ACIF is launching a new, streamlined data portal to the ACIF Forecasts. Released on 26 May 2014, this will that will allow subscribers to access to the database to generate customised forecasts of demand.

The ACIF Customised Forecasts Dashboard will provide easy-to-use query tools, which will assist businesses large and small to determine upcoming market conditions and to obtain accurate local or national data. Thereby enabling them to plan effectively.

Features include:

  • Four forecasting tools in an easy-to-use online dashboard.
  • Query the ACIF Forecasts database on work forecasts; labour requirements; projects in your area; and find out the big picture for construction costs.
  • Data is available for upcoming work for residential building, non-residential building and engineering construction.
  • Select from 20 work types, and locations by states and/or capital cities.
  • Forecasts can be generated as short term of eight quarters or a long term of ten years. The information is delivered as both data ready for further processing and as charts ready for inclusion in reports.
  • Forecasts data from high quality sources including ABS, Cordell Information and expert economic reports, before analysis by ACIL Allen Consulting.

You can find a video outlining how the data portal works here

ACA members are offered a 25% discount on the annual subscription to the ACIF Customised Forecasts Dashboard.

To receive this discount, simply enter a discount code unique to ACA members when you subscribe online at

To find out about the code members should log in to access the member-only section below.  

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