Building and construction campaign

5 November 2014

Are your employment practices up-to-date, fair and correct? The Fair Work Ombudsman has begun a campaign looking at the building and construction industry.

This campaign is part of the Ombudsman's regular program of activities to educate and inform employers and employees about their rights and obligations in the workplace. The building and construction industry has been identified as worthy of a campaign for two reasons: 

  • It is the third largest employing industry in Australia, with a lots of young workers.
  • Many workers in this industry have contacted the Ombudsman with concerns about their pay. (In 2013 they looked into 2083 cases.)

The campaign will see the Ombudsman contact employers in the building and construction industry to discuss the following:

  • minimum wages
  • penalty rates and allowances
  • overtime
  • pay slips and record-keeping

The Ombudsman is also interested to gain a better understanding any problems employers face when dealing with workplace laws, and to help employers with employment issues.

Further information is available on the Fair Work Ombudsman website. This includes a Self-Audit Checklist for businesses.

The ACA encourages all member practices to ensure that their employment processes, practices and policies are up-to-date and comply with the Architects Award and other relevant awards and legislation. The ACA has many employment resources to help members and we encourage you to use them. 

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