November Webinar - Climate Change Consideration in Design

21 October 2019

How can construction professionals respond to climate change? Join informed by Planned Cover for a special webinar on 7 November on how you can make positive change. Discount available for ACA members.

The effects of climate change are becoming more and more evident and the construction industry is responsible for a large part of the world’s CO2 emissions, and energy and resource consumption. What is the role of construction industry professionals in making a positive change?

Join informed by Planned Cover for this November webinar, presented by leading sustainability architect and one of the founders of Architects Declare Australia, Caroline Pidcock, and informed Risk Manager, Kathryn Budd, who will examine how construction professionals can respond to climate change and what liability might flow from professionals failing to adapt their practices. Topics to be discussed during the webinar include: 

  • Relevant considerations for design professionals in relation to climate change;
  • Creating better project environments to realise the potential of climate change requirements;
  • How does climate change impact upon the standard of care for design professionals; and
  • How might a design professional manage the risk of liability for failing to adapt their practices to climate change.


12.30–1.30pm (AEDT)
Thursday 7 November 2019


1 formal hour


General admission $70.
Discounted rate (15% off) available for ACA members using the code: 19WEB9ACA 


Online bookings can be made here. Don't forget to apply the discount code at the checkout.