Complaints and Conduct Forum

26 October 2016

Join the NSW ARB at a forum exploring how complaints against architects work, what can be done to avoid them, and what to do it if happens to you. 

The NSW Architects Registration Board is hosting an event to share data and insights from the Board’s complaints and prosecution process, and launch a new mediation pathway to help resolve issues between homeowners and their architects in a timely manner. 

The ARB investigates complaints against architects, and misuse of the term ‘architect’ as part of the Board’s consumer protection role. On 10 November they will open its archives to explore recent complaints to identify lessons for homeowners and their architects.

Topics addressed in the panel discussion will include:

  • How does the Architects Act work?
  • What is the ARB's role in compliance and enforcement?
  • How does it apply to architects and non-architects?
  • How does the complaints process work?
  • What are strategies to avoid complaints in the first place?
  • What does the evidence show?

The panelists 

  • Matt Curll, NSW Architects Registration Board Legal Member, partner at Hall and Wilcox
  • Natalie Sullivan, Planned Cover
  • Dr Philip Briggs, Chair, Senior Counsellor
  • Robyn Bailey, NSW ARB Mediator

5–6.30pm, 10 November, 2016 


The Crypt, St Patrick's Church
141 Harrington Street
The Rocks, NSW 2000


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