Federal Budget New Internship Program

19 May 2016

The 2016 Federal Budget includes a new internship program. Details are scant, but the ACA is keeping a watching brief on the initiative and what it means in relation to the Architects Award.

The information released so far is as follows:

Up to 120,000 internship placements over four years will be provided to help young job seekers who have been in employment services for six months or more gain real work experience within businesses.

Job seekers and businesses, with the help of employment service providers, will be able to work together to design an internship placement of 4 to 12 weeks duration, during which the job seeker will work 15 to 25 hours per week. Participation in an internship placement will be voluntary for both job seekers and businesses.

In addition to gaining hands on experience in a workplace, job seekers will receive $200 per fortnight on top of their regular income support payment while participating in the internship.

Businesses that take on interns will receive an upfront payment of $1,000, and will also benefit from the opportunity to see what a young worker can do and how they fit in to the team before deciding whether to offer them ongoing employment.

Michael Corrigan of Platinum Employee Relations has provided advice to the ACA about what this means in the context of architecture. He makes the following points.

  • “Young” means those under 25.
  • The potential intern must have been unemployed for six months or more, and be registered with an employment service provider
  • This is not relevant to Students of Architecture as they are not unemployed
  • Interns would be covered by an Award – in the context of architectural practice, the program would only work with Clerks, Draughting, Graduates of Architecture and Registered Architects.

In summary, the program would only apply to:

  • Those under 25 who have finished their first degree, but have not yet enrolled for the Masters, and have been unemployed for six months or more
  • Graduates of Architecture under 25 who are unable to find a job, and have been unemployed for six months or more


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