Harassment Resources

15 May 2018

We encourage all ACA members to ensure that their workplaces are safe for all. There are some excellent resources out there to help employers understand their obligations, and to develop the best processes, policies and culture.   

Arrangements for Dealing with Sex-based Harassment and Discrimination

An excellent guide from the WGEA provides a clear overview of how to identify problems and suggests actions to take to address workplace sex-based harassment issues. 

Ending Workplace Sexual Harassment: A resource for small, medium and large employers

A guide from the Human Rights Commission to “assist employers to understand and meet their legal obligations under the Sex Discrimination Act”. It provides practical advice to help employers prevent sexual harassment, and outlines how to respond effectively if and when harassment occurs. 

Employers’ Toolkit

A strong suite of material from the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland. This includes: 

  • Resources for building an inclusive workplace
  • Tools for creating a discrimination and harassment free workplace
  • Tools for managing discrimination and sexual harassment complaints in the workplace
  • Tools for educating the workforce about rights and responsibilities