Investing in Cities

21 July 2015

ASBEC has issued a call for action at all levels of government “to increase the productivity, prosperity and liveability of Australia’s cities”. 

The Investing in Cities policy platform argues that government must deliver policies that maximise the value of Australia's fast-growing cities and protect their liveability. 

This includes a call for the Federal Government to establish a Minister for Cities:

“to provide national leadership and coordination ... support urban infrastructure investment with state and territory governments delivering projects, planning, and measure success through clear indicators.

Local Government retains their critical link to meet the needs of their communities and deliver best practice design and sustainable local urban environments. A partnership with industry across government will support this policy, providing the expertise to identify best practice and implement it on the ground.”

The platform contains four key recommendations:

  1. Better leverage the unique roles and responsibilities of all those with a stake in our cities.
  2. Measure and report success.
  3. Deliver best practice infrastructure planning and new investment.
  4. Create sustainable places for people supporting best practice building and urban design.

The full report can be downloaded from the ASBEC website. 



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