Why Briefing Matters

26 January 2020

informed by Planned Cover is offering ACA members a special discounted rate for a national webinar on 20 February on the importance of a robust, timely briefing process.

In a construction environment where the prevailing sentiment is often ‘more for less’, taking the time to fully understand your client’s requirements for their project, their budget and their desired timeframe is more crucial than ever. Yet with increasingly condensed project timetables and a desire to simply ‘get it done’, there is sometimes insufficient time allowed for this important process. A robust and timely briefing process allows design decisions to be made with proper research and consideration, reduces the risk of variation and extension of time disputes, and helps avoid performance failures that lead to expensive claims. 

Informed by Planned Cover’s first webinar for 2020 will feature an examination of why briefing matters by Risk Managers Wendy Poulton and Natalie Sullivan. Points of discussion will include the benefits of a good brief; factors leading to poor briefing on projects; legal obligations in relation to briefing; and case studies. 


12.30–1.30pm (AEDT) Thursday
20 February 2020


General Admission $80
ACA members 15% discount (use discount code 20WEB1ACA)


1 formal hour


Head to the booking link to reserve your place.