New AACA Overseas Qualification Assessment Process

21 July 2015

The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia has recently revised the Overseas Qualification Assessment, resulting in a simpler and more direct process.

The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) uses the Overseas Qualification Assessment (OAQ) process to assess overseas academic qualifications for migration and registration purposes.

The new streamlined OQA process became available at the end of June. It involves two stages, which are used to determine an overseas academic qualification’s comparability with a current Australian accredited qualification in architecture.

Once an applicant’s qualification has been deemed comparable they are eligible to undertake the Architectural Practice Examination (APE). The successful completion of the exam is is required before applying for registration as an architect in a state or territory in Australia.

• Stage 1 – Provisional Assessment of academic qualifications in architecture – this is a desk based assessment

• Stage 2 – Final Assessment – this involves an interview to examine in detail a portfolio of an applicant’s student and/or professional work.

The AACA encourages Australian residents who have not previously applied for an assessment of their overseas qualification in architecture, to complete the Combined Stage 1 and 2 Assessment. can complete a Combined Stage 1 and 2 Assessment.

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