Practice Structures

25 January 2014

A roundup of articles elsewhere that discuss the structure and ownership models of architectural practices.

Hayball’s employee share scheme 

Michael Bleby writes in the Australian Financial Review about Hayball’s move towards employee ownership – the practice’s new employee share scheme aims to ensure 20% to 25% employee ownership over the next ten years. 

International acquisition of Australian practices

Michael Bleby has also written two pieces about the purchase of Rice Daubney by American practice HDR. The first, for the Business Review Weekly, features an interview with John Daubney about the decision to sell for “twice the norm”.

The second piece, for the Sydney Morning Herald, canvases the questions of mergers more broadly and includes comment from Annabel Lahz of Lahz Nimmo, who cautions that “It leads to increasingly homogenised product, like the high street disappearing. You’ve got big offices…and then smaller, more boutique practices. And then everything in between is increasingly disappearing.” By contrast, Robert Puksand reports that Grey Puksand is considering pursuing a similar merger strategy. 

The viability of professional services partnerships

Professional services consultant and columnist George Beaton asks, “Is this the end of the professional services partnership?” in a piece for the Business Review Weekly. The piece is not specific to architecture, but the question is worth contemplating in an architectural context.  

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