Research for Architects in Small Practice

15 August 2018

The ACA is a big supporter of research. Data and analysis are key to understanding the profession’s possible futures, and are essential when advocating for better environments in which to do business. 

Our colleagues at ArchiTeam are crowdfunding a research project to develop data and knowledge about small practice, and there is only a short time left to fund this work.

Support them if you can!

The more we all understand, the more we can do.

The Architeam pitch

Every year it seems to get harder to get traction, harder to find work and keep it ticking along, and even harder to maintain rewarding practices in a culture that seems to expect high value architecture without investing in the work it takes to create it.

We want to change this. We want to create a body of research that explores and quantifies the value of our industry.

Imagine if you could say to prospective clients:

  • Did you know that small practice architect-designed renovations increase property values by x%?
  • Did you know that you could recoup my fee xfold when you sell this property?

With data, we can demonstrate small practice architecture’s value; we can quantify its relevance. We can understand more about the issues that affect our work, its impact, and provide our industry with targeted research.

Research for Architects in Small Practice (RAsP) aims to do this work for all of us. For less than one small renovation fee, we can achieve the first research project in this game changing initiative for our industry.

This first topic is a joint research project between ArchiTeam, the Melbourne School of Design, and Senior lecturer in Architectural Design Practice at the University of Melbourne, Dr Peter Raisbeck. We’re aiming for the research to be completed 14 weeks after the project has commenced.

The research will involve a descriptive, comparative, quantitative analysis of two data pools. One pool will be based on sale data from architect-designed houses, and the other will contain sale data from non-architect designed houses. The data from each pool will be aggregated, analysed, and compared. Descriptive statistics, as well as correlation and regression analysis, will be employed to compare the two pools.

Funding deadline is Monday 20 August. See Architeam's crowdfunding page for more detail.