NSW ARB Research Grant

14 March 2014

Do you have an 'innovative and forward-looking' proposal for research into the value of good design and the state of the profession? The NSW Architects Registration Board is calling for submissions for its 2014 Research Grant.

The NSW Architects Registration Board is seeking submissions from appropriately experienced researchers to undertake rigorous and high quality research about the provision of architectural services.

In particular, the Board is interested in the value to the community and the construction industry of good design and the wider economic multiplier effects of design excellence.

Some of the contextual issues that have led to the Board commissioning this research include:

  • The lack of data available on the provision and economic value of architectural services outside broader macro industry data
  • Changing demands in relation to the way in which architectural services are provided – both the ‘subdivision’ and ‘erosion’ of a traditional scope of architects’ services
  • Increasing specialisation in the provision of architectural services (building types and services) vs the perceived value of an architect's training to enable them to operate as a generalist providing a coordinated overview
  • The impact of increasing globalisation trends on the nature and delivery of local architectural services increased outsourcing and sub-division of architectural services,
  • The ‘cost’ of discontinuity in building procurement increased focus on risk management as a driver in procurement, design and realisation of projects

$30,000 is available to support the research.

Download the EOI details here