Salary Survey Open Now!

5 September 2019

Join us in developing knowledge about Australian architectural businesses by completing the 2019 ACA National Salary Survey!

We invite you to participate in the ACA National Salary Survey 2019, open now. Independent and anonymous, the ACA National Salary Survey generates valuable data about remuneration and employment trends.

This year we have expanded our reach to include non-ACA members, as well as our membership in this important survey. The stronger the participation, the more valuable and meaningful the results will be for you and your practice, so we encourage all architectural practices to participate.

It only takes around 10 minutes to complete, so do make sure your practice is part of it!

Why Take the ACA National Salary Survey?

The survey is a significant resource for individual practices, and for the profession. The results provide valuable information to help inform key decisions in your practice:

  • Setting staff salaries – are yours in line with the industry? The survey allows you to benchmark against other practices locally and nationally
  • Preparing for staff reviews
  • Supporting your practices’ talent attraction, acquisition and retention efforts
  • Demonstrating a culture of transparency in pay decisions, backed by evidence
  • Staying relevant and competitive in your industry with data driven insights

Completing the ACA Salary Survey is a great way to contribute to the health of the profession. The findings are an important base for ACA advocacy and assist us in building significant longitudinal knowledge and bringing that knowledge to the industry and government.

Getting Started

Before you start, be aware that all salary figures noted in this survey must be calculated as if each employee is working full-time with adjustments made for part-time staff. Also, be aware of the definitions below.

  • The average salary per role (total remuneration package / number of staff in each role)
  • The lowest salary per role
  • The highest salary per role
  • The list of the benefits your firm offers staff

'Salary package' means total cost to business including statutory superannuation, holiday leave loading and packaged benefits but excluding dividends, distributions and bonuses.

For more information on definitions and categories of roles, refer to the Welcome page tab at the top of the survey. Click on the save + close tab at the bottom of the page to ensure you save the data you have already entered.

Next, make sure you have remuneration details for all staff at hand. Having this data available prior to starting the survey will help you respond quickly and efficiently.

Start the Survey!

To take the 2019 ACA National Salary Survey, head to the Salary Survey email sent to you with your own unique code on 30 August. For any additional assistance, get in touch with Sascha Byrne.

Results will be available in November 2019.