9 July 2014

A planning permit in ten days! The new VicSmart system promises a simpler planning permit process for relevant projects. 

The Victorian Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastucture has announced a new “streamlined assessment process for straightforward planning permit applications”.  For eligible applications, this promises to deliver:

  • Ten-business-day timeframe for making a decision
  • The Council’s Cheif Executive Officer, or their delegate, will be responsible for making the decision.
  • The application will be exempt from advertising
  • Information requirements and matters to be considered when making a decision are pre-set
  • Twelve state classes of application will apply to all planning schemes

Details are available on the Department’s website and include the Planner and Practitioner Guide, along with other guides. Information sessions are being held throughout July and August 2014, with two sessions for industry groups on August 11 and 12. 

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