Victoria: Taking the Pulse of the Profession

19 August 2020

Data is powerful! Please take the VicPulse survey to assist advocacy efforts for the profession at a critical time for Victoria.



Victoria’s Stage 3 restrictions and Melbourne’s recent Stage 4 lockdown have further diminished the Victorian economy and with it the community’s appetite for architectural projects and construction in general.

During this time, the ACA and other industry bodies have increased their advocacy on behalf of the profession to the Victorian Government, which has in response requested statistics that demonstrate the profession’s current situation. This request reveals an interest to listen and provides an opportunity for the profession to speak to Government and let them know factually where the profession is at.

Take the VicPulse SURVEY NOW! 

The three previous ACA National Pulse Check Surveys were conducted prior to the current lockdown in Victoria. This new survey is specific to Victoria, which is now hardest hit by COVID-19. This survey builds on Pulse Checks to assemble Victorian data to demonstrate how the profession has been impacted here. This data is essential for advocacy and will be shared with key industry bodies and government.

The VicPulse Survey seeks to provide exactly what Government has requested. Please answer once per practice with your answers accurate at the time of the survey. We ask that as many practices as possible respond to the survey, as the greater the number of practices that respond, the more powerful the data and hence the better the argument for correctly targeted stimulus. Please forward the survey to other practices. 

The survey closes COB Wednesday 26 August.

By responding to this survey you will be assisting the Victorian architectural profession. Thank you for your support.



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