Better Balustrades

25 August 2023

In this special presentation to ACA members, Lauren Morris and Allan Shiell from the WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, share critical information regarding balustrades design and tips to improve installation. Originally held 18 September 2023.


This webinar responds to a departmental investigation into balustrades and their representation in the building permit process. In many cases, detail was inadequate, particularly around suitability, materials, assembly and installation.

The design and construction of balustrades is required to comply with the relevant Performance Requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC). This includes structural and fall prevention provisions that safeguard people from injury. When these systems fail, the consequences are significant.

This presentation is timely, and the issue is not exclusive to WA. A recent article in The Age outlined that recent “inspections of 339 buildings that received government funding to remove flammable cladding found half had other faults and one-in-four had balcony defects. More than 550 balconies were found to be defective”.

ACA VIC/TAS President Paul Viney was quoted saying that he believed, “the majority of issues are in the middle to low tier projects, largely in the apartment market. They have been built to an absolute minimum price and a minimum standard.”

We encourage members to share this event notice amongst their colleagues and not to dismiss the seriousness of this issue. We hope to see you online!


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Members $20 (incl GST)
Non-members $35 (incl GST)

Participation in this 1-hour webinar will deliver 1 formal CPD point.

Learning outcomes – Viewing the complete webinar will give participants a better understanding of how to ensure your balustrade design complies with the NCC.

Architects Board WA Core Areas: Design & Documentation

AACA Competencies: PC1, PC12, PC16, PC39, PC46