Builder and Architects - Event Report

Ian Hore , 4 August 2014

Architects and Builders, the July ACA – SA Round Table, canvassed a broad range of matters. Ian Hore outlines the key discussion points.

South Australian Building Costs and Productivity

The meeting discussed current building costs in South Australia, as compared to other states, and the need to get more productivity on site along with options to reduce wastage/inefficiencies within the industry. The current depressed South Australian market place has put great financial pressure and created health issues within all sections on the industry; consultants, builders and subcontractors.

Builders noted that the low fee market place for consultants is affecting the quality of documentation and the coordination of documents, resulting in more onsite issues.

The recently released 2014 Productivity Report provides some solid data for use in formulating approaches to reducing waste, improving quality and value.

Value Outcomes

The meeting noted that each individual project is part of community and value must be built into each project to enhance the quality of our city.


Participants agreed that the state needs a more coordinated approach to protocols and standards for 3D documentation and BIM to get real efficiencies. It was recommended that industry, builders, consultants and government should be working together rather than allowing bespoke systems to be developed.

It was noted that the Master Builders Association is developing training suites for builders and subcontractors to allow individual companies develop a greater understanding of BIM.


There was general agreement that tendering should be electronic and it was recommended that the current codes of tendering need to be updated to reflect best practice in electronic tendering.

Legal Contracts

The builders were supportive of ACA meeting with lawyers to develop a better understanding of risk and to how to maintain fair and reasonable consultant and building contracts. Builders support use of standard building contracts without lawyers making multiple amendments.

The ACA – SA July Round Table was sponsored by GWA.

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Ian Hore is a member of the ACA – SA Committee and a director of Walter Brooke and Associates.