Building Community with ACA - NSW/ACT

Agi Sterling , 20 August 2017

An update from Agi Sterling, the new ACA – NSW/ACT President.

Thanks Steve Kennedy

On behalf of NSW/ACT members, we would like to thank Steve Kennedy for the work he has done in the past 5 years. Under his leadership ACA – NSW/ACT has doubled its membership in the last four years and is still growing.

Steve’s enthusiasm and hard work has certainly put us on the map. We are very thankful for everything he has done and wish him lots of success and a well deserved rest.

Now to the future

Well, I have big shoes to fill. I am starting with initiatives to build the ACA community, so that we can all share ideas and support each other.

We have expanded the NSW/ACT Branch Committee with capable members and together we will be working to ensure that the ACA is an organisation that architects aspire to join.

Building communities

We are working to help build such communities across New South Wales and the ACT. After our very successful visit to Canberra, 10 members got together and formed a group represented by Tony Trobe from TT Architecture. Tony dialed in to our last branch meeting and has been invited to skype in to all future meetings

We are still planning to visit Newcastle before the end of the year

Google chat

We are also experimenting with a Google chat group. This will enable members post queries and comment on any issues relating to the business of architecture, and benefit from advice or input that other members may have to offer drawing on their experiences in similar matters. (We envisage that it will function a bit like the current SEA site.)

We are in the trial phase at the moment – if you would like to participate in the trial please contact Justin Loe.

Planned Cover will monitor any insurance issues and Brendan Hoffman will monitor any legal issues.

Upcoming events

We are planning several events. These face-to-face functions will allow members to meet, exchange ideas and form relationships.

On 25 October Tone Wheeler will give a presentation on Best Practice Guide, a paper published by Norman Disney Young.

In November we are planning a joint venture with the Board of Architects. This cocktail party with two speakers will welcome recently admitted architects and their employers to the ACA community.

We also are planning events for next year, webinars as well as functions, including one on business ethics, technology, and lots more.