Bushfire Resilience and Design

20 June 2022

Join the ACA NSW/ACT Committee on Thursday 21 July for a Zoom presentation by Nigel Bell, architect and expert in the design of bushfire compliant buildings.

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Bushfire protection regulations are now widespread across most Classes of buildings in NSW, with lesser remit within the ACT. Are you and your practice prepared for bushfire futures of greater frequency and intensity?  Can you plan, design and document for bushfire resilience as climate-change consequences mount. The need will only increase.

Nigel Bell of ECOdesign Architects will lead a discussion about bushfires, regulations, policies and approvals, before BALs and the principles of resilient bushfire design. Working in the fire-prone Blue Mountains, Nigel has been representing architects in this discussion for over two decades at all levels of practice and policy, from Australian Standards through to the 2020 Royal Commission and on to education for communities, universities, the Institute and the ACA.

What does the increased climate-change/bushfire future mean for your work?  What is your professional responsibility?  When should you get professional assistance – and who from? When do high BALs become prohibitively difficult and expensive? What design principles emerge?


6.15–8.15pm Thursday, 21 July 2022


On Line Via Zoom – Live streaming and recorded presentation


ACA member $35
Non-member $45


2 formal CPD points

Learning outcomes –

  • Why bushfire hazard and risk is rapidly growing
  • What makes a Bush Fire Prone Area and what triggers which regulation?
  • As both planning and construction is recognised for bushfire – why isn’t “design”?
  • Which Classes of building must now meet bushfire regulations?
  • What approval pathways may be available for particular projects?
  • What are BALs and how do they fundamentally affect what’s permissible and where?
  • How do we design for bushfire resilience – what are the key principles?
  • To what degree are environmental, heritage, tourism and the like affected by bushfire regulations?
  • Can we avoid the cost of building upgrades through bushfire sprinklers or fire refuges?
  • And may we share our good design ideas that can positively influence resilience outcomes?


Project Initiation and Conceptual design:  PC 28,  PC 30,  PC 31,  PC 32,  PC 33,  PC 34.

Detailed Design & Construction Documentation: PC 39,  PC 41,  PC 42,  PC 44,  PC 46.

The event will include time for Q&A. Written CPD questions will be distributed on the night and certficates of completion issued after the event.

Please keep your receipt, completed questions and certificate for your CPD records.


For more information, contact Marie Frost, nsw@aca.org.au.