Business Toolbox Update & Events in Vic/Tas

2 September 2019

The Vic/Tas committee talks events, ARBV nominations and the business toolbox.

Business Toolbox

An important focus for the Vic/Tas Committee is the development and maintenance of resources for the business toolbox, to assist architects to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. The most recent redesign of the Salary Calculator is currently underway, as is a refresh of the Time Cost Calculator Guide, which will factor in issues of innovation, risk and repetition to enable a more sophisticated way to calculate the charging of hourly rates. ACA members will be alerted as new resources and updates are launched.

ARBV Nominations

Voting for the two vacant seats on the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) opened on 4 September and remains open until 4pm on 2 October. The ACA – VIC/TAS would like to support the ARBV in its role of administering the registration of architects and regulating the practice of architecture, and this has never been more critical than in the current construction climate. Architects must have a high standard of learning and knowledge of the principles of architecture combined with an in-depth understanding of the regulatory and technical complexities that pervade its practice in order to meet and hopefully exceed, community expectations. The Vic/Tas committee has nominated Branch Secretary, David Wagner of Atelier Wagner Architects as a candidate and recommend voting for David. Our committee believes he can make a valuable and balanced contribution to the ARBV board in its principal role of regulating architectural services in our community. The ACA encourages all registered architects and particularly members of the ACA to support the ARBV through involvement in the election and by casting their votes. Voting instructions have now been sent to all Victorian registered architects, but for more detail on the election, refer to the ARBV website.


On 27 August, the Vic/Tas Committee partnered with Brickworks to present The Social Conscience of Architecture. For those who weren’t able to make it on the night, we have published versions of the presentations by speakers Robert Goodliffe, Managing Partner of ClarkeHopkinsClarke; and Leeanne Marshall, Shelter Technical Lead with the Australian Red Cross.

Next on the agenda is Best Practice Financial Management on 23 September at the Metropolitan Hotel, kindly supported by Deltek. Our speakers will include Jeff Klein (Deltek), Glenn Fleisher (The Business of Architecture) and Daniel Haskell (Haskell Architects). For more information or to make a booking, see the event notice.

More events are currently in the planning stages. We’d love to hear from members about which events and services are most valued and important to them, so please get in touch with our Executive Officer Katherine Ygosse with any feedback.

2 - Robert and Leeanne

‘Doing good is just good business’, says Robert Goodliffe and Leanne Marshall at our recent Vic/Tas event.