ACA members have access to a range of contracts and special conditions. These have been developed specifically for the ACA in response to particular needs. Members can download these via the posts below.

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Pandemic Delays & Supply Chain Cost Increases

4 August 2022

The member-only special conditions available for download are designed to be incorporated into Schedule 2a of ABIC contracts. They deal with construction delays resulting from the COVID pandemic, and increases in the costs of certain building materials.

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Force Majeure Special Conditions

2 April 2020

Special conditions for the ABIC SW and ABIC MW contracts introduce the concept of Force Majeure. These special conditions were updated and reissued in early July 2022.

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Special Conditions for ABIC BW 2018 C

6 May 2019

Special conditions allow the ABIC Commercial Basic Works Contract to be adapted for use on small residential projects in New South Wales.

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Short Form Client Architect Agreement

10 March 2021

Just three pages and a cover letter, the ACA Short Form Client Architect Agreement is a fair and balanced model contract for use on small- to medium-sized projects. Edition 4 out now (updated March 2021)!

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Professional Services Subcontract

29 October 2021

The new Professional Services Subcontract (updated October 2021) is available for members to use when a back-to-back agreement is required with the Lead Consultant.

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