Specialist advice

Advice for members

30 January 2014

The ACA assists members with formal and informal advice in a range of areas relating to the business of architecture.

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FY 2018 HR changes

Changes to Your HR Obligations for the New Financial Year

11 July 2017

The new financial year will bring a number of changes to laws and regulations affecting HR, including new obligations for employers. 

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Redundancy obligations

Meeting Your Obligations in Relation to Redundancy

12 May 2015

Peta Tumpey and Katie Simon outline the steps you need to go through as an employer to ensure you meet your obligations in relation to redundancy.

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Unfair Dismissal Statistics

The Fair Work Commission has a new webpage showing the statistics for the “results and outcomes of applications for unfair dismissal remedy made under s.394 of the Fair Work Act 2009”.

Elizabeth Radley

Managing the Risk of Sexual Harassment

16 July 2018

Implementing policies and staff training around harassment are important, but enforcement is crucial. Employers must be prepared to take direct action when required, advises employment law specialist Elizabeth Radley.

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Your Business and the New Anti-Bullying Legislation

Your Business and the New Anti-Bullying Legislation

3 December 2013

Michael Corrigan explains the changes to workplace laws on bullying and what you need to know.

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Superannuation Changes in 2014

Superannuation Changes in 2014

3 February 2014

Cbus provides an update on changes to superannuation requirements in 2014.

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Workplace Bullying

Anti-bullying legislation

10 July 2013

New anti-bullying legislation focusses on how employers respond to allegations of bullying. 

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Casual to Permanent

Can casual workers really just ask to become permanent?

16 August 2017

A recent Fair Work decision about the right of casual workers to request permanency has raised many questions. Merilyn Speiser from Catalina Consultants provides the answers.

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Employer superannuation obligations

Employer Superannuation Obligations

6 April 2017

All Australian businesses have responsibilities when it comes to superannuation. Cbus explains employers’ obligations and how Cbus can help.

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Sexual harassment

Harassment Resources

15 May 2018

We encourage all ACA members to ensure that their workplaces are safe for all. There are some excellent resources out there to help employers understand their obligations, and to develop the best processes, policies and culture.   

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23 October 2016

Are you using SuperStream yet? The extended deadline for businesses with less than 20 employees to start using this ATO system is 28 October. Cbus provides a guide to help you get started.

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Redundancy update

Redundancy Update

21 September 2016

A new decision by the Fairwork Commission means that redundancy payments should now be calculated with reference to previous casual employment as well as part-time and full-time service. Abraham Ash and Andrew McNair of Clayton Utz explain. 

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Reducing the Risk of General Protections Claims

Reducing the Risk of General Protections Claims

20 July 2015

The Fair Work Act 2009 contains a range of general protections available to employees against conduct that is discriminatory, unfair or unlawful. Peta Tumpey and Rae Mozejko, of TressCox Lawyers, set out what the general protections are and what employers can do to avoid claims being made in this jurisdiction.

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Stop Harassment

Stopping Harassment in its Tracks

15 December 2017

How does your practice address sexual harassment at work? Merilyn Speiser from Catalina Consultants offers a 10-step approach to keep your business harassment-free.

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Reasonable management action

What is Reasonable Management Action?

14 October 2017

An employee usually won’t succeed in an unfair dismissal or bullying claim if the conduct of their employer is considered ‘reasonable management action’. But what does that term mean? Merilyn Speiser from Catalina Consultants investigates. 

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Paid Parental Leave

16 February 2017

Do you have systems in place for Paid Parental Leave? We provide an overview of your obligations.

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Time off in lieu changes

Time off in Lieu - New Rules

19 March 2017

A surprise decision by the Fair Work Commission now requires employers to calculate time off in lieu (TOIL) at a rate of 1.5 hours for each hour of overtime worked for employees being paid at the Award rates.

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Unpaid interns

Legal Advice: Unpaid Internships

13 August 2018

What are your obligations in terms of unpaid internships? Nick Ruskin from K&L Gates looks at the fine print.

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Internships Update

10 July 2013

Do internships provide a much-needed foot in the door and an opportunity to learn or are they exploitation? It all depends on the structure and policies in place, and the integrity with which they are supervised.

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Internships legal advice

Internships - Legal Advice

12 January 2014

An employer’s legal obligations, rights and responsibilities in relation to students, work experience participants and volunteers.

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