DPTI Prequalification survey

ACA - SA: DPTI Prequalification and Contract Changes Survey

5 August 2016

South Australian architects, please take our survey about the SA government prequalification system for consultants, builders and trades.

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To BIM or not to BIM?

To BIM or not to BIM? What a Question!

4 November 2014

How might the industry encourage clients to take up BIM?

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Public Private Partnerships For Procurement

13 April 2015

PPP projects do not always deliver all that is claimed – and architects rarely benefit. Ann Gorey reflects on the perceived advantages, claimed benefits and actual costs of this common procurement method.  

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Professional Services Subcontract

Professional Services Subcontract

10 February 2015

A new Professional Services Subcontract is available for members to use when a back-to-back agreement is required with the Lead Consultant.

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Can Design Deliver Positive Economic Outcomes?

Can Design Deliver Positive Economic Outcomes?

11 May 2018

Broadening the procurement process to consider the value of good design brings economic benefits to the state, argues SA Industry Advocate Ian Nightingale.

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BIM and Insurance

BIM and Insurance

6 March 2015

What are the insurance implications of BIM for architects? Alex Conlon of BJS Insurance Brokers considers the issues in this emerging field.

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No more best and final offer

No More 'Best and Final Offer' in Qld!

14 September 2014

The Queensland Government has removed ‘Best and Final Offer’ processes from all tendering procedures. 

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Public infrastructure

Public Infrastructure Report

17 July 2014

The ACA welcomes the release of the final inquiry report of the Productivity Commission into Public Infrastructure.

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Shergold Weir Report

Building Confidence

18 August 2018

John Held provides an overview on recent discussions at the COAG Building Ministers Forum regarding the Shergold-Weir Report, Building Confidence.

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Authority and expertise

The Gap Between Authority and Expertise - BIM and Government Procurement

12 April 2015

John Held reflects on the importance of the educated government client and architects who have a sophisticated understanding of the client organisation.

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DAP DAC survey report

DAP and DACs in WA - survey report

28 September 2016

The ACA – WA member survey on WA Development Assessment Panel and local authority Design Advisory Committees is providing an important evidence base for advocacy with the Minister for Planning. 

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Procuring architectural services

Procuring Architectural Services - an Industry Discussion Paper

13 April 2017

The ACA Industry Discussion Paper on Procuring Architectural Services aims to provoke conversation and thought about the role procurement plays in the development of our cities and communities.


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Government as smart client

Government as Smart Client & Procurement Case Studies

13 November 2013

An excellent guide to procurement from the Office of the Victorian Government Architect.

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SA Procurement

Improving Government Procurement in South Australia

10 February 2015

ACA – SA is on the front foot with changes in government procurement – a report on the recent DPTI priorities survey.

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Fixed fee scale

New Fixed Fee Scale from Victoria's Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

2 September 2014

Good news on architects fees from Victoria.

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Unfair contract terms

Unfair Contracts Consultation Submission

28 July 2014

The ACA’s submission to the Treasury consultation on Extending Unfair Contract Term Protections To Small Businesses. 

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Procurement reform

Procurement Reform

10 November 2014

Finally there is some movement on procurement reform in NSW. Steve Kennedy provides an update. 

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More for Less

More for Less

11 March 2015

A new report from Consult Australia argues that there are many opportunities for better and more efficient procurement of professional services on government projects. 

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Closing the Gap

We Need to Stop Innovating in Indigenous Housing and get on with Closing the Gap

11 June 2018

Kieran Wong argues that the National Indigenous Housing Guide must be mandated by law to ensure the best housing outcomes for Indigenous communities.

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10 Principles for Procuring Better Outcomes

Ten Principles for Procuring Better Outcomes

12 April 2015

The RIBA has released guidelines to explain how client organisations can get the best possible outcomes when they procure architectural services.

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The Year of Procurement

2015 - The Year of Procurement

3 February 2015

Steve Kennedy announces the ACA Year of Procurement, and argues for the value of enjoying what we do. 

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Five tips for successful novation

Five Tips for Successful Novation

10 July 2017

For better or worse, it seems that novation is here to stay. So, how can consultants get the best outcomes on novated projects? Wendy Poulton of informed suggested five key factors that can lead to a better novation experience.

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DAP changes

ACA - WA Welcomes Changes to the DAP System

14 October 2016

ACA – WA welcomes the announcement of amendments and improvements to the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) process in Western Australia by the Hon Donna Faragher MLC, Minister for Planning; Disability Services.

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Procurement in WA

Procurement in WA: Government as ‘model client’

25 July 2017

A joint submission to the WA Commission of Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects.

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Give SA graduates a chance

Give SA graduates a chance!

6 October 2016

South Australia produces some great architecture graduates. ACA – SA argues that they should also have the chance to design buildings for their universities as they proceed with their careers.  

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Presenting to Govt

Presenting to Government

15 October 2014

How architects present in government contexts can have a large impact on their chances of getting the job, or gaining support for a project. Jill Garner, Victorian Associate Government Architect, offers some tips. 

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