Keith Neighbour Graduate Study program

Keith Neighbour Graduate Study Program

7 February 2016

The Keith Neighbour Graduate Study Program assists those sitting registration exams in South Australia.  

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Architectural  Practice Board of SA CODE OF CONDUCT

Architectural Practice Board of SA Code of Conduct

9 September 2013

The new Code of Conduct released by the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia requires extra material to be added to standard architect client agreements.

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Supporting regsitration

Supporting Registration

10 November 2014

Recent research on registration has identified concerns about the way the process impacts negatively on women – and thereby on practice more broadly. What can the ACA and architectural practices do to help improve things? 

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AACA Comparison

Architecture in Australia - International Comparisons

21 July 2015

The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia has launched a new online matrix enabling the comparison of registration requirements in Australia and elsewhere. This is complemented by an overview of the Australian architecture industry.

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Susan Shannon

A Changing Profession

9 February 2015

All professions grow, mature and change – Susan Shannon draws on her extensive body of research to reflect on registration and the shifting shape of the profession.

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Deskilling and Reskilling

Deskilling and Reskilling

21 November 2014

John Held reflects on deskilling and reskilling in the profession. Have architects lost the role of ‘trusted advisor’? What do low registration rates mean and what skills do we need to be effective in the future?

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AACA Trilateral Agreement

New Trilateral Agreement between Australia, Canada and New Zealand

7 March 2015

A new agreement signed by the AACA means that experienced registered architects can be recognised in all three countries. 

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New Architects Regulations

Architects Regulations 2015

12 May 2015

New Architects Regulations in Victoria come into effect 19 May.

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Business savvy archi-prenuers

Wanted! Business-savvy archi-preneurs

15 December 2014

Reflecting on the opportunities ahead, Jane Cameron argues that we need to explore different modes of practice and new ways to recognise competance, and to design new business models.  

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Fastrack pathways to registration

Fast Track Pathways to Registration

2 June 2016

The AACA has introduced two fast track pathways to registration for experienced practitioners.

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Why Architecture Graduates Do Not Register as Architects

“Australia is not making the most of its architecture skills base because gender-based issues appear to be deterring female graduates from completing their registration as architects; gaining suitable employment is also a factor in non-registration for men and women.”

A paper by Susan Shannon, Naomi Webb, Yishu Zeng and Jenna Holder, based in a study of South Australian graduates.


New AACA Overseas Qualification Assessment Process

21 July 2015

The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia has recently revised the Overseas Qualification Assessment, resulting in a simpler and more direct process.

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ARBV Update

ARBV Update

2 February 2014

An update from Simon Hanger on the integration of the ARBV into the new Victorian Building Authority.

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