Where to Next

Architecture's State of Play: Where to Next

20 May 2016

Michael Pilkington takes a close look at the ACA – SA State of the Profession research, and argues we must take a ‘let's make the cake bigger’ approach to both practice and the way serve the community, “because, simply, we can and we do live fundamentally for some kind of human-betterment”. 

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Where to From Here

Where to From Here: It's Not Even Architecture

19 May 2016

As young practitioners and thinkers deeply invested in our profession's future, Jenna Holder and Athanasios Lazarou consider the issues and make a strong call for collective action. Part of the ACA's Where to From Here series, which invites reflections on the recent ACA SA State of the Profession research. 

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Where to from here

Where to From Here? The View From an Emerging Practice

19 May 2016

Sonia Sarangi and Michael Smith of Atelier Red and Black argue that we need to understand and 'own' the changes facing the profession, to help make them work for rather than against us. 

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Michael Hegarty

Where to From Here: Clients Drive Collaboration and Consolidation

8 June 2016

Michael Hegarty reflects on the rise of the integrated architecture and engineering practice, arguing that we need to reframe design as process that is essential to client needs.  

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Promising outlook

Where to from here: A promising outlook

15 June 2016

A rapidly changing profession brings fresh opportunities for flexibility and specialisation, says emerging architect Emily Chalk.

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SA research findings

SA State of the Profession - the research is in

19 April 2016

We now know a great deal more about architectural practice in South Australia – three reports provide a comprehensive account of the state of the profession and the opportunities and challenges for the future.

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6 Qualities That Make Architects Ideally Suited to Lead Collaborative Integrated Teams

An essay by Randy Deutsch that argues that architects need to rethink and redefine their role if the profession is to survive. 

What will we do with all the architects?

What Are We Going to Do with All the Architects?

4 November 2015

Steve Kennedy contemplates the future and the coming challenges to the architectural industry in Australia. 

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State of the Profession

The State of the Profession

19 February 2015

ACA wins Architectural Practice Board of SA Research Fellowship to research the state of the profession

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The Gap Between Authority and Expertise - BIM and Government Procurement

The Gap Between Authority and Expertise - BIM and Government Procurement

12 April 2015

John Held reflects on the importance of the educated government client and architects who have a sophisticated understanding of the client organisation.

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The Changing World of Architecture

The Changing World of Architecture

7 November 2014

The way we deliver projects is changing at an ever-increasing rate. Are we keeping up?

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Deskilling and Reskilling

Deskilling and Reskilling

21 November 2014

John Held reflects on deskilling and reskilling in the profession. Have architects lost the role of ‘trusted advisor’? What do low registration rates mean and what skills do we need to be effective in the future?

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Kim Lovegrove

How to Solve the Building Practitioner Insurance Crisis in Australia

2 July 2019

The PI insurance crisis is upon us – but how did it come to this? Senior Construction Lawyer Kim Lovegrove identifies the key challenges, and outlines his ideas for bringing the Australian building industry back from the brink.

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Architecture and Journalism

Architecture and Journalism - not so different after all

5 November 2014

Michael Bleby reflects on architecture and journalism.

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I've looked at cloud from both sides now

I've Looked at Clouds From Both Sides Now ...

9 April 2014

John Held considers the opportunities and costs of cloud computing in small practice.

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Susan Shannon

A Changing Profession

9 February 2015

All professions grow, mature and change – Susan Shannon draws on her extensive body of research to reflect on registration and the shifting shape of the profession.

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American Institute of Architects Foresight Report

The 2014 Foresight Report aims to “highlight key trends and to outline their impact” on architectural business in the US and on current and future practice. It also includes strategies immediately related to business, marketing, operations, practice and design and firm leadership.It is available now from the American Institute of Architects. A PDF version can be purchased for $US 10 from the AIA Store.  

Michael Hegarty thumb

Bring Back the Clerk of Works

17 January 2019

In the wake of the Opal Tower debacle, Michael Hegarty explores the role of the Clerk of Works, and the need to return this key project role to Australian construction sites.

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10 Challenges 10 Actions

Ten Challenges / Ten Actions

15 December 2014

Leone Lorrimer outlines ten challenges facing architecture and ten actions we can take to turn these challenges into opportunities.  

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Rob Stent Lesson from Black Saturday

Architects’ Potential for Community Recovery

4 February 2020

As architects discuss how best to support recovery from the current bushfires, it is helpful to reflect on previous experiences and processes. What can we learn? Rob Stent’s examination of the recovery process after the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires provides cautionary insight and suggestions for the future. 

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Survey findings

Findings of the 2014 Federal Budget Impact Survey

23 May 2014

An overview of the results. 

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Robert Goodliffe

The Social Conscience of Architecture

30 August 2019

Robert Goodliffe recently spoke at an ACA – Vic/Tas event on the importance of social responsibility in architecture, revealing how a holistic approach can build culture internally and provide a resilient business model. 

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Workplace of Future

How COVID-19 Will Change the Traditional Workplace

5 May 2020

What will be the impact of COVID-19 on the traditional workplace and what can we learn from this giant workplace experiment, writes Hames Sharley Principal and Workplace Portfolio Leader Stephen Moorcroft.

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BIM - Archictects' Trojan Horse

BIM - the Architects' Trojan Horse

17 September 2015

Peter Barda argues that BIM offers a way for architects to regain their role as trusted advisor.

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Knowledge Futures

Knowledge Futures: Future Proofing the Architectural Firm.

10 November 2016

Do we want a downstream future or an upstream one? The choice is ours, and the consequences are far-reaching. Peter Raisbeck outlines two scenarios.

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Step up!

Step Up, Don’t Step Back

13 July 2017

John Held argues that stepping up to the small stuff is also the path to improving the profession's wider role in society.

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Suits vs designers

Business Suits vs. Designers: Why architectural practice is going down the gurgler

21 September 2016

Peter Raisbeck argues that the false opposition between design and business is crippling architecture. We need to bridge the divide to ensure the ongoing viability of the profession.

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Building Quality

Building Commissioner Auditing Not Enough

13 February 2019

The NSW Government announcement of a new Building Commissioner to audit building design and construction does not go far enough. Government needs to investigate the construction contracting methods, relationships and behaviours that affect building quality and safety.

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Trust, Fees, Experience

Trust, Fees and Experience

15 December 2014

Richard Choy argues that the profession needs to clearly value professional skills and expertise, and to invest in the young.

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Embracing technological change

Where to From Here: Embracing technological change

15 June 2016

Is architecture on the verge of the greatest change in centuries? Ceilidh Higgins looks to the future and predicts disruption of epic proportions. Part of the ACA's Where to From Here series.

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Join the ACA

Join the aca

30 November 1999

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RIBA Future Trends Survey

The RIBA Future Trends survey “monitors business and employment trends affecting the profession” in the UK on a monthly basis.

Climate Change

Climate Change Consideration in Design

21 February 2020

informed by Planned Cover Risk Manager Kathryn Budd offers advice on managing your risk and your professional obligations related to environmental standards and climate change. What is the role of construction industry professionals in making positive change?

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Into the abyss – fee cutting and architecture

Into the Abyss

4 August 2014

Does excessive fee-cutting mean the profession is presiding over its own demise? George Zillante outlines the issues. 

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Flora crop

The State of the Profession Q&A with Flora Samuel

7 November 2018

Michael Smith interviews Flora Samuel about the state of the profession, future challenges, and whether we need more or less architects.

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What are we doing to ourselves?

What are We Doing to Ourselves?

31 July 2014

Nic MacCormac reports on a vibrant discussion in Perth on architectural business issues, changes in the industry and how we can adapt to them.

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Business savvy archi-prenuers

Wanted! Business-savvy archi-preneurs

15 December 2014

Reflecting on the opportunities ahead, Jane Cameron argues that we need to explore different modes of practice and new ways to recognise competance, and to design new business models.  

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Building Confidence: The Shergold-Weir Repor

Building Confidence: The Shergold-Weir Report and its Implications for Architects

11 May 2018

The Shergold-Weir Report argues for better quality documentation and improved oversight. ACA – SA President John Held digs down to see what the recommendations might mean for architects. 

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Wanted: More women at the top

8 March 2017

Women make great leaders, but a seat at the top table is often elusive. Emma Williamson explores the obstacles women face on the road to the top.

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