Changes to Miscellaneous Award

15 November 2023

The Fair Work Commission has announced that from 30 October 2023 there are changes to some of the age group descriptions in the Miscellaneous Award, which covers interior designers.

If this Award is relevant to your practice, download the updated Miscellaneous Award today!

Some of the junior age group descriptions have been updated in the Miscellaneous Award. The description ‘16 years or under’ is now ‘Under 16 years’ in the tables in clauses A.3.1, A.3.2 and A.3.3.

These changes took effect from the first full pay period starting on or after 30 October 2023.

Check the Fair Work Commission’s pay guides for the Miscellaneous Award. Also see the FWC’s relevant decision here and the determination for the Miscellaneous Award.

ACA members can download the updated Miscellaneous Award here.

If you’re not a member, learn about ACA membership here. The Miscellaneous Award is also available on the Fair Work Commission website.